International Medical & Travel Assistance

Your Visa card provides you with International Medical & Travel Assistance Service provided by International SOS.

This provides you with 24/7 complimentary services including medical advice and travel advice available to you before you travel and while you are travelling. 

Before you leave home make sure you save the number for International SOS in your contacts for emergency calls.

For full details on this service please download our brochure.

Contact us

For your free pre-travel advice, travel or insurance assistance is required please contact International SOS.  This service is available 24/7 and provides services in selection of languages.


You can contact us by:

Telephone (Please us the number below that best suits your location and language requirements)

+971 (4) 253 6024           (Arabic, French, English)

+27 11 541 1068             (Arabic, French, English)

+380 (44) 499 39 75       (English)

+44 (0) 208 762 8373     (English)


WhatsApp (Please call us by telephone should you have a medical emergency!)

  • Scan QR code:


  • Go to your WhatsApp, compose a new message to +27 11 541 1068
  • Please note that WhatsApp channel is currently available only in English.
Insurance Benefits
  • Your Visa card may have a Travel Insurance benefit when you purchase travel tickets or make hotel reservations with your card. This benefit may extend to you, your spouse and dependent children
  • Your Visa card may have a Purchase Protection benefit for stolen or damaged goods purchased with your card
  • Your Visa card may have an Extended Warranty benefit that extends the original manufacturer’s warranty for an item purchased with your card
  • Your Visa card may have  other insurance benefits to protect you from unexpected losses

Please click "Login", at the top right hand of the page, to provide your card information here to verify what benefits are available to you and the terms and conditions that apply.

Have a lost, stolen or damaged card? Need emergency cash or card?

Visa Global Customer Assistance Services associates are on stand-by. Visa will block your card (if the card number is known) and connect you with your financial institution/Bank. Following your bank approval, you can also get an emergency card replacement within one to three business days*. Alternatively, Visa can arrange for cash to be available at a location near you usually within hours of your bank’s approval.

Call one of our global Freephone numbers.

*Some restrictions/limitations apply


Cardholder Update

Visa has suspended its operations in Russia, as was announced on March 5th, 2022.

Here’s what this means for cardholders:

  • Any Visa cards issued by financial institutions outside of Russia will no longer work in Russia.
  • All transactions initiated with Visa cards issued in Russia will no longer work outside the country.
  • Services and Benefits on this website will no longer be available for cardholders.
  • In case of any other card-related questions please contact your bank.